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POTD: Sunbeam Spirits

POTD: Sunbeam Spirits
September 21, 2016 Brian Truono
Typically the waterfalls in Yosemite Valley are seasonal and remain flowing as long as there is snowmelt in the Sierra high country. Visiting in late summer or autumn, you may find that most of the big roaring falls have gone dry. The Mist Trail at this time of year is anything but misty, however, there is still a steady stream of water pouring from the three hundred foot tall Vernal Falls. As I sat watching in wonder at the liquid falling from above, counting the seconds for it to reach the pool below, I took note of the sun beginning to crest the valley rim. The light inched it’s way into the path of the water, setting it aglow like a fiber optic cable. The shaft of light resembled an ethereal being dancing along the stoney outcroppings, putting on a show for all to see. View Print Options

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