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POTD: Grandest of Canyons

POTD: Grandest of Canyons
April 19, 2016 Brian Truono
When you walk up to the rim of the Grand Canyon, your eyes glaze over and attempt to adjust to the spectacle before you. It’s size is so tremendous, it fills even your peripheral vision. A dizzying sense overwhelms your brain until a realization that you’re looking across a 10 to 18 mile wide array of ridges and gorges carved over tens of millions of years by a single river. It’s depths reach down into layers of stone formed nearly two billions years prior to the river running through this land. Even the tallest towers ever built by humans would barely reach the halfway mark of it’s vertical extent. For these and many other reasons, it is considered the grandest of canyons – well deserving of it’s name. View Print Options

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