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  • Apr192017

    How To Make Photo Coasters Using Epoxy Resin

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  • Jan062017

    POTD: Expanse

    366! Three hundred and sixty six! Wow, that was quite the project! I realize I’m off schedule by a few…

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  • Jan052017

    POTD: Detritus

    At times, the leftovers may hold value for a purpose yet to be discovered.

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  • Jan042017

    POTD: Nooks

    During an artist meet-and-greet today, I had someone ask if I mostly capture western U.S. landscapes and if they would…

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  • Jan032017

    POTD: Guise

    To be contemplative of one’s own existence is a uniquely human trait often exaggerated at the mortality of others. There’s…

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