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POTD: Spread Thin

POTD: Spread Thin
April 14, 2016 Brian Truono
Perhaps because of it’s name, or maybe more-so because of it’s precariously thin profile, Landscape Arch is easily one of my favorite arches in Arches National Park. It almost seems physically impossible that a natural stone bridge could span 300 feet across and still be staying aloft. You could almost fit a football field beneath it! The thinnest section is only 6 feet thick. Visitors used to be able to walk below the structure but several massive (30, 47 and 70 foot) pieces broke away from that thin section. The park service has since closed that pathway for everyone’s safety. I imagine this beautiful work of nature has limited number of years before it collapses – which means you should visit while it’s still standing! View Print Options

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