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POTD: Fern Gullies

POTD: Fern Gullies
August 15, 2016 Brian Truono
Whether this log was originally felled for timber or if it was cut to clear a blockade in the canyon, I am unsure. Either way, it inherently notes some type of human intervention in nature. Recently I had an interesting conversation about deforestation with a few friends. We spoke about how the unregulated timber industry often clear-cut entire regions of trees for lumber. There was little thought put into recovery of the habitats or environment. In many cases, had park or forest management not been established to regulate or stop those industries, these environments would be trampled and leveled completely. There’s a rough estimate that only 25% of the United State’s original primary old-growth forests remain. And in the case of the largest and some of the oldest trees on earth, the Redwood and Sequoia trees, only 5% of the original coverage remains. Most of which is on public and protected park lands. The effort for conservation is an on-going battle, as those timber companies would turn those remaining groves into logs at the nearest opportunity. Through education, awareness, and visiting to observe the splendor in person, we may have a better understanding as to what we are saving for the next generation. View Print Options

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