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POTD: Down the Chimney

POTD: Down the Chimney
November 29, 2016 Brian Truono
Devastated to learn that at least 3 people have lost their lives and much of the city of Gatlinburg, TN has burned to the ground in a fast moving wildfire yesterday, November 28th. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service has stated that the fire was “human caused” and began at the peak of Chimney Tops mountain. Strong sustained winds with gusts up to 70mph pushed the fire down through the valley and inundated the city in a matter of a few hours. Hundreds of buildings, cabins, resorts, homes, and businesses were lost to the rapidly moving flames and over 14,000 people were displaced as a result. It’s tragic that people had to lose their lives over this. The forest will regrow and buildings can be rebuilt, but loss of life is unacceptable. I hope whoever has information about how the fire started will come forward. View Print Options

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