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In nature’s dance of perpetual motion, the elements scrape and tear away at one another forming magnificent structures. Whether through the force of the Earth’s upheaval; or by sand’s friction in a windstorm; or by the patience of water dripping between the crevasse of two stones; the shapes of everything around us are in constant flux. A minuscule piece of matter undulates and bounces into neighboring particles. For every chip and scrape along the route, the substrate adjusts it’s path ever-so slightly – creating new shapes and formations. Terraforma: Elemental Sculptures is a photographic exploration into the unique elemental sculptures chiseled by nature: Peaks and stone towers grind upward as tectonic plates shift. Molten rocks harden into hexagonal granite and obscure obsidian pillars. Boulders are tumbled by the ocean’s waves or a river’s current to become rounded and smooth. Sands on the dunes shift into gentle curves and flowing ripples by the wind. Vast canyons are fabricated by a river’s erosion over millions of years. Hoodoos and stone arches are crafted by currents of air and weathering. Patterns form in a drying lake bed’s mud as the moisture is pulled back into the sky. Valleys are etched into the landscape by massive glacial flows. The artwork of nature is all around and can be found in every environment. The exhibit is currently being displayed at the Cincinnati Pendleton Arts Center in Studio 607.  

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